Venture Stakeholder Relations & Networking

of The Syndicate Fund Network.

The importance of delivering strong financial returns from our Fund of Funds can’t be overstated. The very nature of venture capital hinges on making large bets on new startups, hoping to hit a home-run with a future billion dollar company. However, the power of connecting to the network is truly invaluable.

Venture Funds
Corporate Startup Connections
Fund Portfolio Startups

How We Bring Our Stakeholders Together

Building our Venture Network requires ongoing commitments from all three actors — LP Investors, Fund Managers, and Startup Founders — to equally and mutually extract value from one another.

Investor Engagement

We bring our corporate partners together to enable the share of knowledge against common needs.

Fund Portfolio Manager Relations & Networking

We bring various VC Managers together with similar areas of focus (Enterprise, Consumer, Life Science, and Other.)


We identify the founders and innovators within relevant venture-backed startups that can directly or indirectly address innovation opportunities in a way that results in BizDev growth.


Upcoming Events

Stay tuned to experience our newly updated events calendar! We’ll keep you up to date on all events happening at Cintrifuse and our trusted partners.

Alisa Smith
Director of Venture Services

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