Innovation Services Overview

with our network of diverse startups to innovate your company.

What We Do

We help our strategic corporate partners enhance their performance by leveraging startups for open innovation.

To remain competitive, corporations cannot rely on their existing core technologies and business models alone. We understand the enormous challenge established companies face as they adjust to globalization and changing environments.

The Venture Services team leverages local statups as well as the tremendous network of our Syndicate Fund of Funds. The result is enhanced innovation capacity of our Corporate Partners through collaboration and an external influx of knowledge and innovation.

Corporations can find it difficult to extract diverse and disruptive knowledge sets required to remain competitive.

We are ready and able to change that.

How It Works

Accelerated Disruption for Bolder Outcomes

Not unlike traditional Corporate Venture Capital investments working to foster innovation inside an organization, we have invested resources in a multi-layered, open search and solution approach that takes place between our investors and our growing Venture Partners Network.

Innovation Briefing

We work with corporate innovation teams through a traditional briefing process to clarify innovation challenges and develop plans that identify regional and national resources, innovation focus, and desired outcomes.

Search and Solution

The ‘problem to solve’ is identified and circulated across our StartupCincy ecosystem and Syndicate Fund network, amongst potential startups and relevant subject matter experts to connect the problem to a pool of potential solutions.

Knowledge Exchange

Information sharing plays a significant role in extracting value beyond the financial performance of the Fund of Funds. The richness and diversity of technology-based resources across our venture network helps our community identify relevant startup-based innovation solutions and ignite powerful knowledge exchange as seeds for future solutions.

Venture Pilots

These programs strengthen the viability of the startup's solutions while offering early engagement and experience with future innovation breakthroughs.

Collaboration Enables Open Innovation

Making Strategic Connections

Open Innovation Sourcing

We partner directly with our Strategic Corporate Partners to activate and leverage our Fund of Funds Venture, local startups, and Portfolio Startup Network. We work to accelerate their internal and external innovation ecosystems and processes, creating sustainable value across channels.

Leveraging Partners

Curated Connections & Knowledge Transfer

We leverage Cintrifuse's broad strategic partnerships with corporate innovators, startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academics, and subject matter experts to drive external knowledge inflows and outflows. This can lead to innovation networks, labs, collaborations with other firms, alliances, mergers, or acquisitions.

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Director of Venture Services

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