Venture Overview

A Strategic Fund of Funds

Connecting a Broad Network of Venture Capital, Startups, and Solutions.

Gain exposure to a network of 20+ venture capital fund managers and thousands of startups, driving access to the best emerging technologies. Partner with top fund managers and generate strong financial returns.

Who We Are

The Syndicate fund

We are a strategic fund of funds. We focus our investments on early-stage, top-performing funds in sectors and industries that align primarily with our strategic partners’ interests and needs. At the intersection of innovation and capital, we help our corporate investors disrupt their industries.

Access to Emerging Startups

Through our investments in — and relationships with — venture funds, we provide access to emerging startups in cutting edge technologies across diverse industries relevant to the innovation opportunities of our strategic LP base of large corporations.

Strong Financial Return

The structure and strategy of the fund of funds leads to increasing returns and consistent performance through a cycle of innovation and value.

Corporate Partner Network

Our strategic LP base of large corporations allows us to access some of the best VCs in the country. These VCs in turn benefit from access to corporations who can become customers for their portfolio companies.

Strategic Venture & Innovation Services

Our corporate innovation process provides a powerful vehicle for deal sourcing, technology selection, and access to startups. We’re here to help our partners disrupt their industries every step of the way.

Activate The Network

Gain access to over 20 Fund Portfolio Managers (overseeing 40 Early & Growth VC fund portfolios), over 1,000 fund-invested startups, exclusive corporate innovation briefs, and venture-specific programming and events.
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Innovation Exchange & Venture Connects

We enable our partners to adjust to changing technologies and evolving markets by seeking innovations externally. Our efforts are amplified by our scaled capital investment in the Syndicate Fund of Funds and unmatched knowledge and experience of the broad Fund stakeholder network.
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