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Our entrepreneurial ecosystem is built to foster learning, connection, and collaboration across the region. It is supported by an active network of stakeholders working to enable the activation, development, and growth of startups through engaging and diverse programming.


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Making a founder

Join us to dive into the different types of founders and what makes certain types prone to found successful startups on May 26th at 1pm.

Founders aren’t born, they’re made. Join Connetic Ventures for an informative session on how each founder is a specific type and which types end up founding successful startups


Building Deep Vision Models with Synthetic Data

Greg Sweeney shares about building deep vision models with synthetic data: what are they, what are the use cases, and how do you build them?


At Cintrifuse, we’re all about connection. Check out our exciting programs and collaborations and see how you can get involved in the startup community today.

StartupCincy Week

Immerse in specialized startup programming and walk away revitalized with the potential of our bustling region.

  • Panelists, speakers, and keynotes
  • Happy Hours and Networking Opportunities
  • Cintrifuse Annual Meeting
  • FinTech Frontier Pitch Competition
  • Startup Job Fair

FinTech frontier

Creating the Future of Finance in the Heart of America.

Take a seat on our rocket ship for FinTech entrepreneurs powered by Cintrifuse. Learn more about our future-focused partnership between leading Cincinnati-based financial services corporations and FinTech-focused entrepreneurs. Enjoy events, curated presentations, pitch competitions, and more.