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The structure and strategy of our Fund of Funds focuses investments on Venture Capital Funds that have a dedicated investment thesis on early-stage, high-growth prospective startups using technology within sectors and industries of our strategic partners' interests and needs.

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Enterprise Technology

Increased agility, responsiveness, and security are some of the aims of enterprise technology. The interest of tech that streamlines workflows, provides effective access to data, and improves communication between diverse and divergent processes cuts across the vast majority of our Corporate Strategic Partners.

Enterprise technology spans functional areas from accounting to marketing to manufacturing, as well as security in the form of software, business analysis and intelligence tools, content and data management systems, and more.

Success Stories

Apeel Science + Cintrifuse

We have a large, highly influential network of VCs and entrepreneurs that we can tap into on a moment’s notice. For example, Kroger came to us with their moonshot goal of “Zero Hunger, Zero Waste,” and said, “let’s put together an open innovation brief, invite the best & boldest ideas in the network, and choose a winner.” And, let’s do it in 30 days!! This is our sweet spot, the kind of challenge we were created to take on. And we did. The results were fantastic. We also helped Kroger address the vexing issue of food waste by connecting them to a company, Apeel Science, that can extend the shelf life of avocados by several days. They’ve now rolled this out to thousands of stores.

Consumer Technology

Consumer Tech encompasses any form of technology that is intended for use by consumers to fulfill their needs. It comes in a variety of forms and offers a wide range of capabilities: 5G devices, IoT that connects devices to the internet, electronics & appliances, wearables, gaming — even self-driving cars & vehicle technologies.

While these products and/or services might be seen as niche when it comes to the number of Corporate Partners that would be actively interested as pilots, they offer abundant potential for acquisition and strategic partnerships (depending on the nature of the device, communication, or enabler and how it matches current and future consumer needs.)

Life Sciences

Anything that relates to a living being — animal or human — and requires something being taken from or given to that being is considered Life Sciences. This could include technologies in biotech, AI, or healthcare spaces.

Life sciences encompasses hard scientific development with physical products, including healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, medical record systems, and other products that are designed to treat or aid in the treatment of patients. Our Corporate Strategic Partners are well represented in this space and are very interested in its development.


Although we match our investment thesis with these core sectors, we also want to make sure we are leveraging unconventional technologies that might represent a big return.

Our "other" category, therefore, represents anything that is not Enterprise Tech, Consumer, or Life Science.

Alisa Smith
Director of Venture Services

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