Cintrifuse’s Entrepreneurs Change the World All-Virtual HS & College Summer Program

Cintrifuse’s Entrepreneurs Change the World All-Virtual Summer Program for high school and college students June 29 – August 7

Cintrifuse is excited to announce our first-ever “Entrepreneurs Change the World!” summer program for high school and college students! We’re moving at the speed of a startup to recruit our inaugural class. This all-virtual summer program will run from June 29 to August 7. Students will spend about 10 hours per week with us. Deadline has been extended to Wed. June 24.

This is an urgently relevant opportunity. We’re facing so many extreme challenges in our society today: the Covid-19 virus; social injustice and unrest; global warming; and more. We know that extreme challenges inspire game-changing innovation and turbocharge the creativity of entrepreneurs. We want to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial talent with this hands-on, fast-paced, life-changing program.

Participants will meet and learn from a diverse mix of Cincinnati’s top tech and entrepreneurial leaders. They will collaborate with other inspired students from across the region. They’ll be challenged to create bold solutions to some of our society’s toughest challenges. And they’ll pitch their ideas – as part of startup teams – in an exciting virtual pitch competition before a panel of startup, corporate and Venture Capital judges. You’ll also get exclusive access to P&G’s Annual Signal 2020 Innovation conference including presentations by the CEOs of Twitch and Snap.

We’ll end the program with a powerful and enduring class project: creating a visual “memory wall” that will preserve the moment we’re living right now to ensure it is remembered for the courage, resilience and resourcefulness we see all around us – including from students. It will be displayed prominently at Union Hall in OTR.

Participants will also receive a one-year Cintrifuse membership that includes a range of services such as meeting with entrepreneurs, access to the Startup Series virtual programming that teaches startups how to develop and grow their business, and the opportunity to visit Union Hall, the hub where startups work, learn and grow.

This program was inspired by the creativity and leadership of high school entrepreneurs who have been stepping up throughout the region. I’m a big believer in the power of urgent optimism.  The high school and college students I spend time with ignite my optimism every time I’m with them — and the time for urgency is right now. That’s the spirit of this program.

We’d like to have a diverse mix of around 50 students in the program for this summer who bring creative, open minds and a belief that they can truly change the world! We fully expect ideas to emerge from this program that business and community leaders will be excited to embrace.

To register by Wed. June 24 please click this link. Please reach out to Zand Walters at with any questions. For more details – Cintrifuse Summer Program Flyer


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