Think Big and Solve Huge Problems – Interview with VC Jonathon Triest

Jonathon Triest, Founder and Managing Partner at Ludlow Ventures, had been working with startups well before he started investing in them. After graduating Michigan University, Jonathon worked with entrepreneurs as a designer. In the face of better designers and lower price of design, he realized that if he wanted to continue working with startups he would …


Build a Better Mouse Trap – Interview with Mark Achler

Mark Achler is one of the founders of MATH Venture Partners. He has had an eclectic career as a serial entrepreneur – building four companies. He also served as a senior executive and head of innovation at Redbox. This is Mark’s third venture fund making him an investor with experience on both sides of the table. …


Midwest Entrepreneurs: Thoughtful, Serious and No Bullshit

Plymouth Ventures is a growth-stage venture capital firm out of Ann Arbor Michigan. They describe themselves as a regional growth-stage fund meaning they only invest in the Midwest. More specifically, what they call the “Great Lakes” – as far west as Madison, as far east as Pittsburgh and as far south as Cincinnati. They also …


The Strength of Midwest Startups – Interview with Chicago Ventures

Chicago Ventures recently made a trip to Cincinnati for an Immersion Day. While they were here, we had the chance to sit down with Stuart Larkins and Kevin Willer. Stuart and Kevin are both Partners with the firm and they both oversee all aspects of Chicago Ventures including fund management, deal sourcing, investments and working …

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