5 Reasons Why Union Hall is the Place to Work in 2021

Tired of working from home? Searching for a change of scenery? Look no further than Union Hall! Here are the top five reasons why you should make Union Hall your office away from your (home) office in 2021.  Location. Location. LOCATION! Union Hall sits in the heart of Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine neighborhood, a thriving …

Over 500 people signed up for Cintrifuse's Annual General Meeting this week in Union Hall, Cincinnati.

Midwest Tech Rising? Greater Cincinnati’s Bold Startup Ambition

  On November 5, 2019, we held the Cintrifuse Annual Meeting at Union Hall in Cincinnati. It was a record-setting event. Nearly 500 people registered to attend. We had an over-capacity crowd that flowed out onto Vine Street in Cincinnati’s historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood — a vibrant community built on a trifecta of food, tech and …

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