5 Ways #StartupCincy Can Hire Their A-Team

Michelle Joseph, CEO of PeopleFoundry and Andy Neilsen, CEO of Everything But The House, spoke to #StartupCincy about how to build your very own startup A-Team. Michelle discussed some best practices around hiring and recruiting for startups. Andy talked about how EBTH implemented those practices. The duo covered a lot of ground throughout the Q&A session so here’s five …


The Future of Work – Ben Casnocha

This past Tuesday, May 19th, #StartupCincy’s HR leaders heard about the future of employee-employer relations from co-author of The Alliance – Managing Talent in The Networked Age, Ben Casnocha. In his talk, Ben described how the traditional “family” relationship between employers and employees is broken. Because companies no longer have the resources to fulfill the “family” relationship, more …

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