Ocean Demo Day – This Week in #StartupCincy

This Thursday, April 28, #StartupCincy was treated to Ocean Accelerator’s second demo day. And the folks at Ocean did not disappoint. Just like last year the production was top notch and the companies all had engaging, interesting pitches. You can check out the full list of companies below. Devoo – Making it easy to find …


Building Bridges to NKY – UpTech 4 Demo Day

Accomplishments are often dwarfed by our dreams. Which makes sense – dreams are big ambitious things that turn into reality only after years of work and dedication. Dreams are also a source of frustration, especially in a community of individuals that want to move fast and grow quick. It’s good to dream big and have anxiety …


Bad Girl Ventures Unveils Latest Cincinnati Class

Bad Girl Ventures  (BGV) officially announced its latest Cincinnati class last night, February 3, 2016. Nancy Aichholz, BGV, Inc. Executive Director for Cincinnati, kicked the evening off with a little information about what BGV stands for and how it works. Wendy Lea followed Nancy with some inspirational words and an assurance that #StartupCincy is here for anyone brave enough …


GCVA Gets New Leaderships – General Nano Goes to Space: This Week in #StartupCincy

This week in #StartupCincy the GCVA saw a change in leadership. Previous President Vance VanDrake handed the reigns over to Kevin Mackey, Cintrifuse’s Startup advocate. Moving forward, Kevin hopes to strengthen the organization by focusing its efforts on promotion and education for early-stage startups. There was also some exciting media coverage for our startup ecosystem. …

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