The Syndicate Fund

A strategic
 fund of funds
that connects corporate investors to a broad network of venture capital, startups, and business solutions.

How We Function

The ‘funds of funds’ philosophy

We invest in cutting-edge, top-performing venture capital funds that align primarily with the sectors and industries of our strategic partners’ interest and innovation needs.

Our Portfolio of Funds

Our investment approach is similar to a mutual fund. Funds I and II represent a pool of money collected from several corporate, government, academic, and private investors that have been distributed in a ‘fund of funds’ approach — a basket of investments in 23 world-renowned Venture Capital fund managers. Working with over 20 VCF managers seeking private equity stakes in startups with strong growth potential, the Syndicate Fund is managed by our Cintrifuse investment team and Advisory Board, who make portfolio composition decisions based on the innovation priorities of our ecosystem members.

Corporate Strategic Partners

At the intersection of innovation and capital, we help our Corporate Investors and Strategic Partners disrupt their industries by enabling direct access to over 20 venture capital funds, thousands of startup founders, and a calendar full of cutting-edge networking events and programs.

The structure and strategy of the fund of funds focuses on increasing returns and performance through a dynamic cycle of innovation and value.

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Startup Connections
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The Power of the Network

Venture Stakeholder Relations & Networking

Through our investments in (and relationships with) venture capital fund portfolio managers, we provide access to emerging technologies across horizontal and vertical applications. Our reach and network includes not just our current portfolio managers, but also a broader global network of engaged investors and startups.

The players:

Startup Founders

Founders and innovators from our fund’s investment in early-stage, top-performing, venture-backed startups are redefining entire concepts of industry.

Portfolio Managers

The most successful VCF managers are driven by home runs, not batting averages. The vast majority of their fund's returns are generated by a handful of companies in the portfolio. Our network model gives our LPs access to home run champions.

Corporate Innovation Leaders

Our model works because of our investors. They represent companies with billions of dollars in R&D that also believe the ‘next big thing' may come from startup innovation. They are well aware of the trends and challenges within their respective industries and are quick to identify and invest in better solutions.

Our Team

Our Syndicate Fund investors provide millions of dollars in funding and want the greatest return on their investment. Management is by far the most important factor in generating strong returns and cultivating invaluable networks of knowledge exchange and technology. Cintrifuse has a unique combination of experienced, qualified Fund Advisors that lead our internal team of directors and keep their fingers on the pulse of our Corporate LPs’ innovation needs.

Cintrifuse Fund Management Team
Advisory Board

Cintrifuse Fund Management Team

Advisory Board

Cintrifuse Fund Management Team

Advisory Board

Santiago García
Fund Associate

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