Helping One of Our First Members Become Ohio’s Fastest-Growing Startup

Founded in 2012 by Michael Wohlschlaeger and Bob Gilbreath, Ahaolgy makes it simple for brands to create content on Pinterest by testing licensed Ahalogy Startup Spotlightcontent, figuring out what works for them and, eventually, creating their own content. Since its inception, Ahalogy has secured $12.8 million in venture funding and was named Ohio’s fastest-growing startup by San Francisco-based research firm Mattermark.

Ahalogy was one of Cintrifuse’s first members and, in the midst of all its success, we played important roles at different points in the company’s history. Early on, as a connection to funding and later, as Ahalogy grew, a source for talent and customer connections.

Connections Lead to Funding

For early-stage companies, funding connections are paramount. Founders can spend years developing relationships and establishing themselves in the venture capital community. This can be particularly difficult in the Midwest, where the venture capital community may not be as active as in other cities like San Francisco or New York.

[pullquote]Overall, Cintrifuse is a big help being a hub for investors. We were able to set up meetings with Dave Mclure and Mark Suster that helped us understand the dynamics of our market. Those meetings would not have been possible without Cintrifuse” -Bob Gilbreath, President of Ahalogy [/pullquote]

But, because the Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund built a national VC network, Ahalogy was able to take dozens of meetings with high-profile investors over the course of just a few months without ever leaving Cincinnati. Each meeting allowed Michael and Bob to receive valuable feedback and market insights. These insights helped the founders iterate and streamline their pitch.

Ahalogy secured a $2 million investment co-lead by Hyde Park Ventures as a direct result of Cintrifuse’s funding connection program.

Finding Unique Talent

It’s difficult to find talent, especially specialized marketing talent. Companies spend hours and thousands of dollars looking for someone with the right skill set and who fits with the company’s culture.

With Cintrifuse’s talent connection program, Ahalogy filled a business analyst position to serve as a cross between product success, client success and marketing. Because we sourced and vetted candidates for them, Ahalogy saved valuable time and resources.

[pullquote]P&G is a big client and their payment terms for vendors are 90 to 120 days. Because of a Cintrifuse initiative, our terms were 15 days and we got hundreds of thousands of dollars quicker than we would have regularly.” -Bob Gilbreath, President of Ahalogy[/pullquote]

Securing Revenue

Procter & Gamble, one of the leading advertisers in the world, is one of Ahalogy’s biggest clients, but their vendor payment terms (120 days) are not the most favorable for startups. For startups, cash is king and receiving revenue for months early can be a huge advantage.

Because of Cintrifuse’s relationship with P&G, Ahalogy secured preferred payment terms (15 days) allowing them to realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue earlier than they would have otherwise. This was an enormous benefit as Ahalogy turned that four-month lag into a four-month head start on growth and expansion.

The Cintrifuse Impact

Cintrifuse played an integral role in Ahalogy’s success. Early in the company’s history, we acted as a connection to funding resources and, as the company grew, helped them find the right talent and negotiate favorable payment terms with P&G.

Our networks and relationships catalyzed Ahalogy’s growth and helped them become one of #StartupCincy’s most promising startups.

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