Growing Cincinnati’s Entrepreneurs


Alex Yungvirt, Co-Founder of Fanvester, was recently accepted into UpTech’s 4th Cohort. The online platform allows users to source concerts, shows, and live entertainment events through crowdfunding. Fanvester builds relationships with venues, fans, and the additional parties involved in putting on a stellar production, making it easier than ever to host your favorite, concert, show, or event.

And this wasn’t Alex’s first venture. Despite being a 4th year Biology/Pre-Med student at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and having a part-time job with Apple, he managed to start Trendi in early 2014. Throughout his journey from Trendi to Fanvester and to his acceptance into UpTech, Cintrifuse helped Alex navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

From Hobby to Profession

[pullquote]Cintrifuse has helped me with my pitch deck, with understanding the stages of a startup and with networking. It all really comes back to one thing and that one thing is the culture Cintrifuse introduced me to. – Alex Yungvirt[/pullquote]

Entrepreneurship started as a hobby for Alex. He and his business partner, Prince Kingsley, developed side projects in order to create flexible sources of income that would work with their busy school schedules. The duo both had a passion for music and live entertainment and worked on a few lifestyle businesses together.

They eventually developed Trendi, an online marketplace for fans to invest in artists based on popularity. Catalin Macarie, Assistant Professor at UC, recognized Alex’s entrepreneurial talent and connected him to Cintrifuse.

Connections Open up An Ecosystem

Alex’s main Cintrifuse contact was Jordan Vogel, Director of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. After a few email exchanges and face-to-face meetings, Jordan had plugged Alex into the #StartupCincy community. Before long, he was going to evening seminars, bus tours of Cincinnati’s startup ecosystem and participated in UC’s Innovation Quest Elevator Pitch Competition with his company Trendi where, coincidentally, Jordan Vogel was one of the judges.
Although that was the last event for Trendi, it didn’t dampen Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Working through a Pivot

Alex still loves the idea behind Trendi and doesn’t consider it a failure although he moved away from the idea. Still wanting to solve problems and disrupt the entertainment and live event industry, he and Kingsley created Fanvester which eventually was accepted into UpTech’s 4th Cohort.

[pullquote]They have a lot of great connections and partnerships with programs across the country. I like that I’m able to be a part of that and be connected to like minded individuals from all over. – Alex Yungvirt[/pullquote]

And the platform is gaining real traction. Currently, over 500 backers have pledged money to bring Fetty Wap, a popular hip-hop artist, to Cincinnati to perform at the 5th/3rd Arena.

Growing Cincinnati’s Entrepreneurs

Cintrifuse’s initiatives to increase the engagement between #StartupCincy and Cincinnati’s universities allows us to develop young, successful talent and keep them in our city. Because we spent time with Alex, guiding him along his journey, we helped create a resilient, talented entrepreneur that will continue to test ideas and grow companies right here in Cincinnati.

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