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Before Baloonr, Amanda Greenberg lived in Washington D.C. and was a consultant in the public health sector. Working with large federal agencies and on large teams, Amanda noticed that it was difficult for ideas to flourish in team environments.

So she and Noah Bornstein created Baloonr, a cloud-based app that allows you to surface and prioritize all of the ideas and information from your team or company. Amanda and Noah found early success, becoming a company in Carnegie Mellon’s Project Olympus and being accepted into DreamIt Venture’s accelerator program.

After DreamIt, Amanda and Noah moved back in with family in Oxford, OH to continue to grow their company. But, in order to grow, Baloonr needed more customers and that’s exactly what Cintrifuse helped them find.

Innovation Xchange Opens Doors

[pullquote]Noah and I talked continuously about how Innovation Xchange was one of the best events we’ve been a part of. The object of the event is so clear that is makes it really exciting.  – Amanda Greenberg[/pullquote]

As one of Cintrifuse’s marquee events, Innovation Xchange gives startups the opportunity to pitch in front of innovation champions and decision makers from Cincinnati’s largest corporations. After pitching, the startups engage in a round of speed dating where they talk face to face with companies.

In April of 2015, Baloonr was one of 25 startups to present at Innovation Xchange. As a direct result of the event, Amanda and Noah got eleven leads and massively increased their visibility and their potential to land big customers.

Closing the Deal

Cintrifuse’s job didn’t end after Innovation Xchange. Post Innovation Xchange, our Customer Connections lead, Katie Austing, went to work connecting Amanda and Noah to the right people within Cincinnati’s corporations and made sure all the potential leads from Innovation Xchange stayed engaged with Amanda and Noah.

Because of Innovation Xchange, Katie’s work and the superb quality of Amanda and Noah as founders, Baloonr closed two partnerships, one with P&G and one with Xavier University’s Center for Innovation. And, more are in the works.

Monopolizing on Traction

[pullquote]Whenever the Cintrifuse team sees an opportunity for us to make a connection to a potential customer, they are eager to make the introduction and help foster the relationship.  – Amanda Greenberg[/pullquote]

Innovation Xchange and Cintrifuse’s Customer Connections program helped Amanda and Noah keep Baloonr’s momentum going after DreamIt Ventures. And we are continuing to help them grow their dream.

Due to the traction they gained, Cintrifuse is now introducing them to more potential customers and potential funders. Amanda and Noah’s story – from Innovation Xchange, to the partnerships they closed, to the introductions we continue to make for them – shows how Cintrifuse’s network can catalyze the growth of a young company.

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