Action Point: Cintrifuse Annual Meeting

October 13th, 2022

  Cincinnati, Ohio

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This year, we are sparking action.

Four years ago, we looked at Cincinnati’s potential, and the world around, and defined that moment as an Inflection Point, an opportunity to align around strategic areas where a concentration of capital, technology, and talent can create an outsize advantage.  We did that!  We then encountered the pandemic, declaring it a Pivot Point, a moment highlighting our region’s agility and ability to respond to and harness disruption.  We did that, too. Last year, looking beyond the pandemic, we seized the moment as an Acceleration Point, the opportunity to go bold and go fast. 

Now, we are at the most critical moment in this journey: our Action Point. This is the point when we begin to achieve the full impact our innovation economy

Our priorities and opportunities are converging. Our Great Supply Way to the world is expediting our region toward a bold, green future.  Intel is building the world’s largest and most sustainable chip manufacturing plant in Ohio. Our pioneering work on the FinTech Frontier is catalyzing growth for startups and BigCos alike. 

This convergence is powerful.  While competition for capital and talent remains fierce, we are poised to make a lasting, game-changing impact that will benefit our region for years to come. Let’s make the most of it! 


Pete Blackshaw

CEO, Cintrifuse

guy persaud

President of New Business, P&G


President, University of Cincinnati


President, Miami University

Mike Venerable

CEO & Managing Director, CincyTech


CEO, Lightship Foundation & Lightship Capital


Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Technology & Digital, Kroger

Brian Cobb

Chief Innovation Officer, CVG Airport


Founder & Managing Partner, Candid Ventures; Founder & CEO, Paytile


Mayor, City of Cincinnati

Gary Lindgren

President, Cincinnati Business Committee

Mahi Rayasam

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Carmichael Roberts

Founder & Managing Partner, Material Impact

TIM Spence

CEO, Fifth Third Bank

Registration is open!

We are thrilled to welcome you to Union Hall and know every minute you spend with us will not only inspire you, but leads to a wealth of critical connections. Make sure to grab your ticket today!

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