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A Big Solution for a Small Team

Founded by Candice Peters and Amanda Kranias, Hello Parent is a mobile P2P application that connects parents to each other so they can organize events like play dates in a simple and orderly fashion. In 2014, Hello Parent was accepted into UpTech’s accelerator program and that’s when things started to move really fast for the two-person team.

Before long, they found themselves doing the work of ten people. That’s not uncommon for a startup but, to continue to grow, the founders needed to find a cost-effective and scalable way to manage the workload.

A Small Team Needs Help

Hello Parent did not have the resources to hire a full-time or even a part-time employee, but they still needed help with marketing collateral, sharable content and social media branding.

[pullquote]We were two people doing the job of ten. With James here, it’s still busy but the things that need to get done, get done faster He just hammers away at it. Candice Peter, Hello Parent CEO[/pullquote]

Hello Parent had interns before but Candice and Amanda found they required a lot of time managing and hand holding – time they couldn’t spare in this period of hyper-growth. Hello Parent needed someone adaptable who could work fast with little oversight. They also needed to find that person as quick as possible.

An Intern Solves Big Problems

Through Cintrifuse’s relationship with Miami University, Candace and Amanda were able to access the school’s internship program. They found James Robertson, a student studying interactive media and professional writing. James had all the skills the founders required and significantly reduced their work load.

He helped produce marketing collateral they needed and allowed the founders to leverage his skills in the days preceding UpTech’s demo day. James’ work was also instrumental in their post-UpTech transition into 84.51° as Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

[pullquote]Cintrifuse eased the process for us. You told us what was available and told us what we needed to do as opposed to going through the university. It was a huge time saver. Amanda Kranias, Hello Parent COO[/pullquote]

The projects James completed for Hello Parent saved them an estimated $6,400 over the course of his 10-week internship. For a pre-seed startup, this is a huge resource advantage.

The Cintrifuse Impact

In this relationship, Cintrifuse acted as a facilitator. Our talent connection team’s knowledge of Hello Parent’s needs and business model allowed us to narrow the applicant pool. And, our relationship with Miami University meant the university knew Hello Parent would provide valuable experience for their student.

Because of Cintrifuse’s network, we provided a startup with a valuable talent resource and helped a university give its student a pivotal role inside a growing company.

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