5 Ways #StartupCincy Can Hire Their A-Team

Michelle Joseph, CEO of PeopleFoundry and Andy Neilsen, CEO of Everything But The House, spoke to #StartupCincy about how to build your very own startup A-Team. Michelle discussed some best practices around hiring and recruiting for startups. Andy talked about how EBTH implemented those practices.

The duo covered a lot of ground throughout the Q&A session so here’s five take-away’s to think about as your startup begins to build its team.

Where Should You Post Your Job?

AngelList and LinkedIn are great but you need to have something on your own website. If hiring is a priority for you, you need to make it look like a priority. Also, as Michelle points out, people want to see what your company is like and a posting somewhere outside of your website doesn’t really let potential candidates do that.

How Do You Scale You Hiring Process?

Hiring is a time consuming process, especially in the early stages. As your business scales, you need to get more people involved in the hiring process. You need to make sure your current team understands your culture enough to help out and, eventually, take over the hiring process.

How Do You Hire C-Level Talent?

The short answer is it depends. But, no matter the tactic you take, when hiring C-Level talent one thing is for sure – to get C-Level talent you need to sell them on your vision. Especially if you’re trying to lure them away from a corporate position.

Also, you may not need C-Level talent. For example, you my think you need a CTO but, in reality, all you need is a Head of Engineering. So before you go looking for your next COO or CTO, make sure that’s what you need.

What’s The Difference Between Short Term and Long Term Hires?

Some people are better in the early stages, some are better in the later stages. Some people are great in the short term and some people can help your company grow throughout every stage. You need to understand what these different candidates look like.

You also need to be upfront with candidates about what kind of hire they are. If you are only going to need them for 18 months or if you expect them to be in it for the long haul, make sure they know that.

How Do You Hire in The Early Stage?

You need to really like every early stage hire you make. You’re going to be around these people a lot, so when you make you second, third or fourth hire, make sure they are the type of people you want to hangout with.

You also have to believe in your mission. Be realistic, but paint a big picture that will resonate with your early hires.

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